Equity Membership

Livingston Country Club currently has 101 Equity Members owning 185 Equity Shares. An Equity Member is defined as any member of LCC that purchases between one and six equity shares through LCC at $1000.00 per share. Each share allows the owner a vote at our Annual Meeting or at any Special Membership Meetings.

Equity Shares became available at LCC in 2008 when the club found itself in financial difficulty. At that time we raised $ 177,000.00 when 95 members purchased 177 shares to re-establish LCC as the premier golf and country club in our area. Should the membership ever vote to sell LCC, the profits of the sale will be divided equally among the Equity Members per share owned.

Equity Shares are still and will remain for sale through the LCC Board of Directors. The purchase of these shares continues to help LCC with capital improvements to the golf course, clubhouse, as well as the pro shop and grounds equipment. Equity Members also receive discounts on memberships as well as cart passes. Equity members have to pay their dues no later than November 15 or they lose their equity status. LCC does have a payment plan in which dues and equity shares may be paid over a period of time. These shares, however, are not currently transferable and Equity Members could be asked to pay an assessment should the club experience a deficit or a capital expense for which there were insufficient reserves. This occurred in 2010 with the total reconstruction of green # 11. Our By-Laws do provide that Equity Members can take a medical leave from the club for an illness or injury and they also provide for a one time personal leave of one year at the sole discretion of the member. If you are interested in becoming an Equity Member or require more information, please contact any board member.

The LCC Board of Directors posts all minutes of their monthly meetings on this website. They continue to strive to meet the needs of everyone at LCC and are available to hear ideas and concerns of all members. With Craig Chiara serving the best food in the area at The Nines, our golf pro Jeff Kaye and our greens superintendent Brian Smith continuing to perform their duties at such a high level, our future remains promising. We have weathered the storm that many other golf courses did not. We continue to be focused on our mission of providing our members the very best golf and dining experiences we have to offer at the most reasonable prices. Come join our family!

- LCC Board of Directors, Scott Hicks, President

Survey Results

The 2011 Survey was a resounding success.  The Board of Directors at LCC would like to thank everyone who participated for their support.  We received 102 responses (58%) of the invitations which is a very high response rate for this type of survey – especially in the off-season.  Your responses will guide the Board on where to focus our attention for the next couple of years.

The volume and content of write-in comments were interesting and suggest that members have a great deal of passion regarding the governance of the club.  Every single comment was reviewed by the complete Board.

The complete survey results can be found by clicking here, but below is the executive summary which was discussed by the Board last week.


Respondents :
a.    Are individual members
b.    Have been a member of LCC for 12 years on average
c.    Played 42 rounds on average
d.    Generally take a cart when playing
e.    Bought at least one cart book during membership renewal and 42% also bought at least one book during the season
f.    Are happy with the carts currently in use.
g.    Are not interested in a season cart pass priced at $650/800.

Members rated the following improvements between Very Important and Moderately Important (listed in decreasing order of importance:
a.    Rebuild #7 Green
b.    Side the Clubhouse

Members rated the following improvements between Moderately Important and Unimportant (listed in decreasing order of importance):
a.    Re-building and leveling tees
b.    Cart path paving
c.    Storage for equipment in the maintenance area
d.    Water system upgrades
e.    Bathrooms in the Pro Shop
f.    New forward red and gold tees on #10 & 17
g.    New ladies tee on #14 – allow the use of a driver

Follow the Board

The minutes from the May 10th board meeting are now posted on the website.  Members can check them out here.  Remember, the password for member-only section on the website is “birdie”  We realize these are a little late but the must be approved by a quorum of the board members and the only time they meet is at the next board meeting. hence the 1-month delay in getting them to you.

Social Memberships Now Available

For a few years now a number of members have asked about the possibility of social memberships for folks who no longer play golf at LCC.  Some people enjoy coming to our social events and with our new restaurant the Board is planning a number of great social gatherings for the summer.    At the April meeting the board  approved a new membership category of Social Member.    Social members will be invited to all social events at the Club but will have no golfing privileges.    The cost of a social membership is $75 for a couple.  If either member of the couple is over 65 the cost is $50.  Social memberships will allow long term LCC members who no longer play golf to continue to enjoy social gatherings with friends they have made at LCC.

Stop in at the Pro shop or contact Dick Wesley if you are interested.